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Dear Minnie and Mary, I have sent you a "special" bottle of wine and I want you to get drunk and have fun...in short skirts, panties, stockings, garter belts and sexy bras. Show off your panties to me under your skirt, bend over, spread your legs, stand over the camera so I get lots of under skirt panty shots, and do lots of panty licking lesbian kissing. I want to see your faces buried in each other's panties and lots of groping. I want you to do lots of pussy licking in your stockings and garter belts and Mary I want you to fuck Minnie with the wine bottle. God that makes me horny just thinking about you pushing a wine bottle up Minnie's pussy. I am too horny to write anymore. Just give me lots and lots of sexy underwear and lesbian sex pictures. A way too horny Mr. Beckman, Panty lover

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  • 03/16/2022

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